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Plant Plush series, which is a range of exquisite potted plant products to infuse your living space with the beauty of nature. Our potted plants not only cover a wide range of categories, but also have a unique design that makes them suitable for placing on a desktop, bookshelf or any corner to add a touch of fresh greenery to your environment.

Plant Plush collection stands out for its versatility and includes a wide range of greenery that is small, compact and easy to place. Whether it is a simulated succulent, a charming bonsai or a lively cactus, each potted plant is a unique and eye-catching decoration.

Researching, developing and manufacturing a wide range of products is the core business of our company. In addition to potted plants, we specialize in the manufacture of toys, baby products and pet products, known for their innovation and high quality. Our MOQ is 600, offering our customers greater choice and the opportunity for personalization. By choosing our Plant Plush collection, you will enjoy the beauty of nature and let the green surround your life, bringing a sense of pleasure to the body and mind.

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