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We are proud to introduce our Yummy series, a collection of plush toys themed around various foods. Whether it’s Chinese cuisine, Western delicacies, or different kinds of fruits, these toys offer a wide range of choices with adorable and realistic designs that are loved by all.

Each toy in the Yummy series is meticulously designed to be highly realistic and irresistible. From lifelike hamburgers and sandwich to exquisite sushi and buns, and colorful fruits, every piece looks incredibly true-to-life. They are not just toys but also creative and fun decorations, perfect for play, education, and collection.

As a company specializing in the research, development, and production of various products, we bring extensive experience and advanced technology to the fields of toys, baby products, and pet products. Our diverse product line ensures that every item meets our customers’ needs and expectations. Our minimum order quantity is 1,000, offering customers the opportunity for larger-scale choices and personalized customization. By choosing our Yummy series, you not only get adorable and realistic food toys but also experience our commitment to innovation and quality. We look forward to creating a world filled with delicious and delightful toys together with you.

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